Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Many Ways Illegal Immigrants are Discriminated Against

Every state in the U.S. has a kaleidoscope of cultures present largely due to the influx of immigrants over a vast period of time. While many have settled in the country through legal means, there is a large population that has entered illegally or has overstayed their visa permits and has no plans to return to the country of origin. California is reputed to be the home for the largest population of immigrants both legal and illegal. This is largely due to the size of the state and also due to its proximity to Mexico. So, it is no surprise that Mexicans are the largest group of immigrants in California.

The issue of illegal alien is causing problems not only to the states in which they live, but also to the legal immigrants who face numerous difficulties including discrimination. In a case of unavoidable stereotyping, any Mexican in California is considered to be an illegal immigrant simply because the numbers of illegal Mexicans in the state is huge. Even the police are subject to harassment charges when they flag down cars driven by Mexicans in an effort to enforce the law. Similarly, Middle Eastern Americans have been discriminated against ever since the September 11th attack. The discrimination is based on appearance as well as religion, in this case Islam.

This problem cannot be solved until a workable and sustainable immigration law is developed and passed, also until people living in the U. S. realize that immigrants may come in all shapes, colors, and sizes but everyone of them is a human being as them and should be treated as such.

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